Coastal Diatoms of China

Biogeographical Records

The biogeographical records of the coastal diatoms in China are listed below.
Note that some columns are not shown unless you choose from the top-right drop-down menu due to limited page width. For instance, you can see several records (rows) with the same species name but in fact they are different variestas. with From the menu, you can choose columns visible or invisible. In the top-left SEARCH box of the table, you can furthur filter any infomation you want instantly:

Diatom Taxonomy Bohai Sea Yellow Sea East China Sea Taiwan Strait South China Sea Note
Genus Species Varietas BH-N BH-M BH-S YL-N YL-M YL-S EC-N EC-M EC-S TS-N TS-M TS-S TS-E SC-N SC-M SC-S Eco. Chinese Name


Because of the limited display width of this page, some words are shown in abbreviations.

Sea Areas of China's Offshore Waters:

  • BH: the Bohai Sea;
  • YL: the Yellow Sea;
  • EC: the East China Sea;
  • TS: the Taiwan Strait;
  • SC: the South China Sea.

N (North), M (Middle), S (South) are added after the "Sea Area" Abbreviations to indicate the part of the sea area coast. For instance, BH-N means the north part of the Bohai Sea coasts. Also note that TS-N, M, S means the north, middle, south part of the west side of the Taiwan Strait. And TS-E means the east side coast of the Taiwan Strait, namely the west coast of the Taiwan Island.

Ecological Patterns of Climate Adaptation

Pattern not specified for or not applicable to some diatom species are just shown asterisk: *

  • Eco.: ecological distribution;
  • ET: eurythermal - tolerating a wide range of temperature;
  • TM: temperate;
  • ST: subtropical;
  • TR: tropical.

For some speices, the ecological patterns are shown in combinations, such as ST/TR of Biddulphia plana.


Data provided by Prof. Min CHEN from the Third Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources.